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Private Duty Nurse in West Palm Beach, Florida 

If your loved one is sick or disabled, or if you need additional support for an elderly relative, FIRST at Home’s private duty nursing in West Palm Beach, Florida may be a good choice for you. A private duty nurse can assist your loved one with daily tasks, nutrition needs, and medication while he or she heals, while allowing your loved one to heal and recover in the privacy and comfort of your home. Private duty nursing services can help clients adjust to a range of situations, from care following an automobile accident to nursing care following surgery. If your loved one is chronically ill, has suffered a recent fall, or is elderly and needs additional support, FIRST at Home may be able to help. Whether you need short-term nursing care to assist your loved one with recovery or long-term nursing care, FIRST at Home may be able to provide the private duty nursing services you need in West Palm Beach, Florida.

If you are concerned about your elderly relative’s safety at home, a private duty nurse can provide regular check-ins and updates about ongoing care to family and concerned loved ones. Private duty nursing services provided by FIRST at Home brings personalized nursing care to your home in West Palm Beach, Florida. So, whether you have been injured and need support as you heal and adjust to life following your disability, or if you are concerned for the well-being of an elderly relative, or need a nurse to care for an ill family member at home, FIRST at Home’s private duty nursing services in West Palm Beach, Florida are here for you.

Nursing Services in West Palm Beach, Florida 

Every patient’s nursing needs are unique. Some patients may require a suite of nursing services, while other patients may require check-ins or companion care. In order to better understand your needs, FIRST at Home will meet with the person needing nursing care and their family to provide a written plan of care. This plan of care may evolve as the patient’s needs change. For some families, companion care will be sufficient, while others might need a home nursing team. FIRST at Home provides a range of nursing services. Our services include:

  • Home Health Aides. These workers help clients with basic life tasks, including bathing and grooming, getting dressed, help clients with daily life tasks like cleaning their home, administering medicines, and monitoring client’s health or accompanying clients to their doctor’s visits. A home health aide can make it possible for a client who wishes to remain at home to continue to live at home or with family, while still receiving the level of care he or she needs and deserves.
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  • Physical Therapists. These workers help clients improve their movement, get back on their feet, and manage their pain through a prescribed exercise regimen. Patients who have suffered an injury or who are recovering from illness, and some elderly patients can benefit from the services of a physical therapist.
  • Occupational Therapists. Occupational therapists serve a wide range of populations, including children with special needs, people with disabilities, elderly individuals, those who have suffered a stroke, or others who suffer from mental health conditions. These workers provide assistance when it comes to activities of daily living, work, and recreation. An occupational therapist might work with clients to help them set and meet goals for independent living and learning basic life tasks.
  • Speech Therapists. These workers help individuals who may have a variety of speaking difficulties as a result of illness or disability. Speech therapists can work with individuals who have dyslexia or other disorders. They can also work with those who have acquired speech difficulties due to a stroke or illness.
  • Medical Social Workers. These workers can help families and individuals navigate the challenges of accessing health care services and help families and clients get the services they need. If you or a loved one has been disabled or has fallen ill, a medical social worker can evaluate your needs and connect you with the appropriate services.

FIRST at Home is a nursing agency in West Palm Beach, Florida who can assist you if you or your family needs nursing services. There are many nursing agencies in West Palm Beach, Florida who may be able to serve your needs. Contact FIRST at Home to learn more about whether our nursing services are right for you and your family.

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Get peace of mind and the support you need with FIRST at Home’s private duty nursing services. Our nursing agency in West Palm Beach, Florida has a range of services available to provide the home care your family needs. Whether you want to give your loved one nursing care at home, or need assistance with caring for a newly disabled family member, FIRST at Home can provide you with the nursing support you may need. We’ll take the time to evaluate your case, provide a written plan of care, and work with you to provide the team your family needs. Many individuals suffering from chronic illness or disability can benefit from continuing to live at home. Familiar surroundings and loved ones can promote better health, better psychological health, and reduce decline among the elderly and ill. Contact FIRST at Home today to learn about whether our nursing agency in West Palm Beach, Florida is a right match for you and your family. We understand that you may have many nursing agencies from which to choose. Let FIRST at Home support you today.