What are some problems and illnesses that occur in nursing homes which can be avoided with private duty healthcare services?

Healthcare decisions are very important, and sometimes they can be the difference between life and death when dealing with patients who are elderly or infirm. There is growing evidence that private duty care and  the services of an in home care agency has many more benefits and fewer risks than allowing an elderly person to stay in a large, impersonal facility such as a nursing home. Nursing homes are routinely sued or cited for neglect and abuse of those under their care, and problems can go uncorrected for some time.

It is helpful for those considering private duty services or the help of a residential health aide to survey some of the benefits of being treated at home.  Our private duty services can be utilized  within the West Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County areas. It is evident that private duty  services are a safer, cleaner, alternative for most people and result in less mental stress, sickness and neglect due to the quality of care provided by a nursing home.

Changes in environment that manifest in health problems

Sudden weight loss or gain after being placed in a facility may be a sign of depression and lack of motivation. This can become serious if any elderly person starts to lose interest in their own health and well being.

The likelihood of contracting a serious illness increases

The stress and discomfort of a new environment may lead to decreased immunity and other health problems. When the body is in this weakened condition, it cannot fight off infections and bacteria. Facilities that contain lots of sick patients are also susceptible to certain diseases or infections that are contagious and spread quickly. In fact, nursing homes are an ideal environment for the growth and spread of bacteria.

Ailments associated with outbreaks are even more devastating among the elderly or those already experiencing health issues, than younger populations with a better ability to recover. Problems like bed sores are also much more common in hospitals and larger care facilities where a person receives little individualized care and issues go unoticed for days or weeks.

Nursing home neglect

There is a very real possibility of neglect in nursing homes and similar care centers, as these facilities are often understaffed and employee turnover is high. It will be difficult for a patient to develop any kind of a relationship with the staff, which is in contrast to private duty  services within a home where a family will usually see the same nurse every day. Private nursing companies like First at Home.  FIRST AT Home only hires well-qualified nurses with background checks to provide the specialized care needed. FIRST at Home screens all of their nurses for criminal charges, substance abuse issues, and problems with previous employers. This means that only nurses with legitimate credentials who take their careers seriously will be allowed in your home.

Our private duty nurses are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure your loved one’s needs are met. Our nursing team allows your loved ones to live at home while receiving the medical care they need. We will work with there doctor or medical team to offer the support they need. Our private duty nursing service will give you and your family members the extra peace of mind knowing we are taking care of your loved one.

Home can be a safer, more convenient option

The familiar and comfortable environment of a person’s home will help give them a greater sense of control and ease in their surroundings. Living in a facility full time can be a huge change, and there are plenty of stories of elderly patients having issues with their roommates or staff members in various facilities around the country.

Monetary issues tend to get worse

Financial concerns are also a common problem for those in a facility. Nursing home employees sometimes commit theft or find other ways to improperly coerce money out of the elderly. The insurance process to keeping someone in a facility long-term can also become complex. This  depends on the type of coverage a person has, and what government aided programs the facility participates in such as Medicaid. There have even been stories of elderly patients being evicted from nursing homes and placed on the streets due to issues with lapses in coverage or insurance mistakes.

Problem homes can still accept new patients

Nursing homes are regulated by the government, and they do get inspected for deficiencies. However, they are often allowed to remain open and accept new patients even when given probationary status for numerous violations. These violations can persist for months or years before a facility will lose its ability to participate in government programs that provide funding. This means that someone can inadvertently end up committing themselves to a facility where they will receive low quality care if they are not careful and did not thoroughly research the facility before enrolling. While no facility or hospital is perfect, some have serious, long-term, unresolved issues.

Speak with a local healthcare professional about care inside your own home

At the end of the day, deciding where to receive care should be made with the guidance of a healthcare professional and a discussion with all of the family members involved. To learn more about how an elderly family member can have all of their healthcare needs met in the comfort and privacy of their own residence in the West Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County areas, contact First at Home.