Why is demand for in home healthcare growing exponentially?

As the needs and desires of patient populations change due to better technology and other developments that allow for more control, various forms of healthcare services are experiencing exponential demand. There are a number of reasons for this and it seems to mostly be a positive development for everyone involved, including patients and healthcare professionals as hospitals and nursing facilities become less desirable places for long and short term treatment options.

A positive outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare services provided by home health aides and personal care aides are likely to experience more growth and demand than almost any other occupation in coming years. There are already millions of nurses and aides working in this field, and that number will increase by over one-third within the next ten years. This is described as a much faster than average rate when compared to all other occupations in the nation.

Florida with specific emphasis within West Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie county areas has a large community of elderly and retirees, meaning that this location and other areas with similar demographics will likely provide many of these jobs. The flexibility created by home health aides means that they will be taking jobs in home settings, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and other locations that provide programs related to healthcare services and education.

Changes that lead to more demand and opportunity in the private healthcare business

There are five major trends which are related to the growth of healthcare services provided at a person’s home.

One important reason why there is increased demand for this kind of service is demographic change in the country’s population. Baby boomers and other generations around the same age are at the point in their lives where they are elderly and require consistent care. A greater proportion of the U.S. population as a whole is also now retired and beyond their working years. This means that the economy will change to provide more goods and services to an aging population as they experience health issues commonly associated with aging.

Second, there is more control and cost saving potential when being treated at home versus traditional settings like a hospital, skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility.  Patients can choose what times or days they will need assistance, and they can avoid some of the astronomical bills that show up after treatment in a hospital. The same services will usually cost less when provided at home versus a hospital or skilled nursing faility.  Even something like the expense associated with occupying a room at a hospital can be huge on its own, and this is totally eliminated when the patient is treated in the comfort of their own home.

Relocation to a new environment can be stressful and create mental health issues in the elderly. At an advanced age, many people simply do not enjoy being away from their homes and families, and they used to not have much of a choice due to the inaccessibility of healthcare at home. Now there are all kinds of services available from companion care to home health aides to help around the house, to more intensive skilled services provded by a Licensed Registered Nurse.

Many nurses now specialize in providing private duty nursing or other services outside of a facility. This means that are now making legitimate careers and businesses out of caring for people in their homes and this is a better and also safer option for many motivated healthcare professionals as well.

Finally, things like doctors appointments or trips to the hospital for routine care can be inconvenient. Especially as people age or deal with illnesses, it can be easier to put the travel burdens on younger, healthier individuals than dealing with transportation issues, which can add additional costs to healthcare.

As these trends indicate, there are a number of important reasons why someone might prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home versus staying in a hospital or nursing facility for an extended period of time.

What exactly does private healthcare consist of?

Private duty nursing services are provided by nurses who are licensed in the state, just like all other practicing nurses, and they perform many of the same services as they could in a hospital setting. This includes things like post-operative care, wound care, administering medications, drawing blood, and checking for signs of illness.  There are also more basic private duty services available from aides or companions, where they can act like an assistant for those who are elderly or experiencing limited mobility due to an injury or illness. They essentially help with all kinds of activitites of daily living, meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation and personal care rather than provide specialized healthcare services in these situations.

Private Duty health care differs from Traditional Home Health Care because of the payment method.  Traditional Home Health Care is coverd by a patients private insurance. Private Duty paid in-home services are only covered if a patient has a Long Term Care insurance policy or the patient pays out of their own pocket .  Private Duty Services are a great way to allow a patient to remain independent in their own home while receiving professional care.

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